Behind every murky murder there’s a cause. But was it accidntal death or murder? MC presents the facts with the launch spots for Investigation Discovery’s newest series,“Forensics: You Decide”.

What’s more fun than getting to do a shoot with Ray Romano and Queen Latifah? Getting to plunk them into a wintery wonderland! MC crafted a series of pieces for Discovery Channel and Animal Planet promoting Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs from 20th Century Fox. Brrrrrilliant!

MC takes a swing a graphics package for Tennis Channel’s “What Matters Most” interstitials.

After a whirlwind of upfronts, MC capped off a busy month with a touch of comedy, for a good cause no less!  David Zaslav, Disco-very Communications CEO, was honored by the National Resou-rces Defense Council (NRDC) for his exceptional commitment to environmental protection and conservation in the media. David has always championed a eco-friendly lifestyle, but some of Discovery’s stars are starting to wonder if he’s gotten a little too enthusiastic about going green...

MC got its marching orders once again (or MC got drafted once again) for the Military Channel’s upfront. America’s newest gener-ation of heroes has never looked better.

MC rocked four upfronts for Discovery this year. From the big picture look of Engineering the Universe, to Time Warp inspecting the details of life at 10,000 frames per second, MC created ener-gy and excitement about Discovery’s upcoming programming. In addition, How Stuff Works examines the seemingly hidden links between objects while Storm Chasers whips through town follow-ing the scientists who study the dangerous beauty of tornadoes.

MC throws a new website up. It's quite an upgrade from the last one- now the video is bigger, better and faster with many more selects than ever before!

MC completes promo campaign for Extreme Loggers on Discovery Channel. These guys know how to push
around some lumber!

MC finishes main title for Sci-Trek. A new show on the Science Channel examining a wide array of really cool scientific stuff! From microbes to the Milky Way this show has got it covered.

MC completes "Back to School" promo campaign for the Military Channel. And you thought your homework was hard.

MC completes the main title for ABC's High School Musical: Get in the Picture, which debuted July 20, 2008. Check out all the triple threats!

2008 BDA Awards!!
GOLD: Shark Week Launch Campaign
BRONZE: On-Air Promo - Discovery Channel's Shark Week "Oc ean of Fear"